Webinar - How to centralise and secure file transfers organisation-wide

Webinar: How to centralise and secure file transfers organisation-wide

If rounding up the many methods used to transfer files at your organisation feels a bit like herding cats, block off time on your calendar for this important webinar. When transferring sensitive data, “doing your own thing” can have unpleasant consequences. There is an easy solution however, called “Managed File Transfer” (MFT).

by Ekron Dries

Costly data breaches can occur when individuals and departments use file sharing applications that aren’t centralised or secure and they don’t recognise the risks that these actions pose. MFT can deliver a more secure, centralised file transfer process, when your organisation faces the following:

•           Dependence on legacy scripts

•           Use of unsecure tools, such as Dropbox or unauthorised FTP

•           Multiple file transfer tools in place across different departments

•           Lack of visibility

•           Need to meet compliance regulations

•           No consolidated provider or support

GoAnywhere MFT can centralise your file transfers, provide more auditing and reporting insights, automate processes, and more – all from one single platform. 

This 60-minute live webinar will cover how GoAnywhere MFT, a user-friendly, secure managed file transfer solution, can centralise and consolidate all your file transfers with end-to-end security of files in motion and at rest.


Those who want to bring the process of file transfers under a single umbrella for better security, transparency, visibility, integration, and more. This webinar will show how to easily gain more control and centralisation to your file transfers.