The importance of software support for your business

The software you use in your business is like the oil that keeps your car running smoothly. It’s taken for granted when it’s doing its job properly, but as soon as something goes wrong, things can come grinding to a shuddering halt. 

Based on our experience, working with hundreds of customers over the last 10 years, we can highlight the impact which technology problems can have on the modern business. 

by: Ekron Dries

Addressing software issues proactively 

Most software needs to be updated or ‘patched’ from time to time. The reasons for this are many, but the nature of software is that new features may be added, and security vulnerabilities may need to be plugged. 

Perhaps the most common reason, however, is that operating systems and other underlying infrastructure components are updated, so if the application running on them or in conjunction with them (to extend their capabilities) are not themselves updated within a specified timeframe, issues may start to expose.

The BlueFinch approach

BlueFinch offers premium software support and expert consultancy services to take care of all these issues before they occur. 

Here’s how it works and why it is necessary. BlueFinch works with market leading suppliers like HelpSystems that releases regular software products updates and fixes to deal with bugs or improve the user experience. 

In other words, software such as GoAnywhere MFT, that are designed to perform mission critical data exchange processes, must keep pace and release updates at or near the time that updated versions of the software are issued. 

We provide customers with access to an online customer portal, and ensure with notifications that you receive your software updates in a timely manner to ensure that your product continues to work as expected. 

The above mentioned software updates also include feature, security and usability improvements, so as well as working with the latest version of the software you depend upon, you’ll also benefit from software improvements.

World class technical support 

The benefits of software updates are clear. However, updates are only segment of the whole picture. To complement software updates and implement them correctly, technical support is crucial. 

BlueFinch online support is available 24×7 and we offer different support levels to meet the high demands from our customers. The different levels of support enable clients to tailor the support they receive to suit their budget and requirements. No matter which level of support you opt for, you will know that the solution for your technical issue can be just a simple point of contact away. 

As well as online support we empower our customers to help themselves, with technical guides, a customer exclusive community, and knowledge centre to find answers to many of your common questions. 

Expert MFT service 

Implementing and running Managed File Transfer environments can be complex. That is where our BlueFinch MFT Expert Service comes in. We provide a cost-effective and flexible way to purchase onsite or remote MFT support and expertise. 

Our certified technical team have specialised in the Managed File Transfer for more than 10 years. We have delivered over 150 file transfer solution to midsized and enterprise business in the Benelux and Nordic region.  

As value added  partner we have helped organisations with determining implementation design. In addition, BlueFinch also provide professional services in the field of: 

  • Product training 
  • Configuration and health checks 
  • Migration or upgrade services 
  • Hands-on development work 

Our expert services are offering complete peace of mind, as you can see in this testimonial from a satisfied client, the Royal Danish Library: 

“It was a pleasure working with BlueFinch on this project,” Jensen says. “We have been collaborating for several years now and they are extremely helpful whenever we have a question.” “I was not closely involved when the project started, but I heard nothing but good about working with them from other colleagues in the legal deposit department”, Bjarne Anderson, head of the Royal Danish Library’s data department concluded.  

If you are a GoAnywhere MFT customer and would like to know more about the support options available to you, feel free to contact us.

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