Secure file transfer

BlueFinch helps organisations avoid the use of one-function tools and home-built interfaces to handle different protocols and mechanisms when exchanging files, required by external business partners, suppliers, branches and customers. We offer a centralized, all-in-one-solution that will save you time and money and help your organisation to meet compliance requirements.


Managed File Transfer (MFT) software offers a high level of security and control, including the automation of file transfer-related activities and processes, file transfer success notifications, and end-to-end security along with monitoring performance metrics, non-repudiation, auditing reports, and global visibility.


BlueFinch works with the best-in-class GoAnywhere MFT software that streamlines the exchange of completely secure and encrypted data between systems and (cloud) applications, employees, customers and external partners. Deployment options include:


– On-premise, Azure or AWS
– Hybrid environments
– Cloud solution, MFTaaS hosted plan

Bluefinch secure file transfer

Data loss prevention

BlueFinch offers smart and simple options for data safety and control.


No business is an island—sharing sensitive information between partners, suppliers and customers is essential for every modern company. Therefore, preventing data leaks and maintaining privacy protection is crucial.
At BlueFinch, our Data Loss Prevention technology is a proactive approach to securing critical information without interrupting everyday business productivity.


Both Inbound and Outbound protection of your valuable data, trading secrets and intellectual property is of the utmost importance.Therefore, our solutions will not only protect you from malicious or unrightful data entering the organisation, but also guard that information that should never go beyond the boundaries of your business.

Bluefinch prevent data loss

Data classification

Successful businesses run on the exchange of sensitive information, and as data accumulates, it must be organised with a unique system. BlueFinch advises companies to acquire more functional control with state-of-the-art data classification software.


Data classification software assigns appropriate levels of security to all data and information within your company. This plays a vital role in your data management strategy and helps acquire better control over your unstructured data.This software assigns appropriate levels of security to all data and information within your company.


BlueFinch offers simple and effective solutions for this essential yet time-consuming activity. Our tools automate data organisation to effectively minimise the risk of data loss using state-of-the-art classification software.


BlueFinch data classification works with a few simple steps:
1. Create an inventory of all data, documents and files
2. Classify according to sensitivity (classified, sensitive or public)
3. Assign appropriate levels of security as needed

Bluefinch classify your data

Let BlueFinch help secure your data

BlueFinch helps companies acquire more control over their data communication using state-of-the-art automated solutions


Information and communications technology is essential for organisations to streamline their operations. At BlueFinch, our team of experts support clients with the latest ICT solutions tailored to fit each company’s unique needs.


There are many reasons for upgrading and combining different systems into one single business solution. However, this is usually a complex undertaking because data compliance and security requirements change frequently.


BlueFinch advises clients and help them select the best choice for their data protection solutions. Our team comprises the following specialisms:


– MFT Professionals
– Data protection specialists
– Middleware Professionals
– Security Specialists
– Business Analysts and Project Managers


As your partner in data protection, BlueFinch offers efficient cost-reducing solutions to ensure that your systems have the highest level of security and are guaranteed to be operational at all times.


Our team of experts will develop a suitable package for complete or partial outsourcing. We provide insight into your ICT costs, giving you more control.


BlueFinch offers data protection solutions on premise as well as in the cloud, managed by your team or by the BlueFinch team. Whether you prefer Azure or AWS, private cloud, PaaS or IaaS… Our specialist will help you determine the best and most cost-effective option together with you.


BlueFinch specialists will help your staff to get fully up to speed with standard and custom training. This can be done on-site as well as remotely and can be compiled to your specific needs.


Besides standard training sessions, which will usually take one or two days, BlueFinch can also provide one or more experts to work together with your staff to deal with the workload and train-on-the-job at the same time.


Basic training is available for those that are new to our solutions and need to have a comprehensive, but basic level of understanding of the functionality.


Advanced training is intended for those who are already familiar with the solution but want to learn more about advanced techniques and best practices.

Bluefinch - managed services_training - consultancy

How can we help you?

Securing and preserving data is of critical importance for our customers.
At BlueFinch, we can help improve your operations in various ways.

BlueFinch is proud to partner with leading technology
suppliers and international clients.

Helpsystems logo

BlueFinch is Platinum Partner of HelpSystems for the Benelux and Scandinavian regions. Their portfolio offers innovative technologies for protecting sensitive data and automating data movement.

Clearswift logo

Clearswift is an information security company based in the UK. It offers cyber-security solutions to protect business’s data from internal and external threats.

Boldonjames logo

Boldon James has over 30 years experience in the market facilitating secure messaging and classifies data to protect against sensitive data leaks.

HSD logo

BlueFinch is network partner of The Hague Security Delta (HSD), the leading security cluster in Europe.

Votiro logo

Votiro develops and licenses the File Disarmer, a security solution based on proprietary Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) technology. BlueFinch is expanding the content protection portfolio with Votiro’s powerful solutions.

IBM logo

IBM is BlueFinch’s knowledge partner for middleware, IBM i and AIX related solutions.

NLdigital logo

BlueFinch is a member of Nederland ICT, working together in the areas of legal affairs, HRM, financial affairs and the environment. All members are bound by a high quality label and code of conduct.

Microsoft partner logo

Microsoft is market leader when it comes to cloud deployment and comprehensive solutions for cloud and DLP integration.