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  • All the best for 2022 from BlueFinch

    First, we would like to thank all our colleagues, customers and partners for making 2021 such a memorable year and we wish you and your families a happy, prosperous and healthy New Year. by Ekron Dries 2021 has been the year of wins for BlueFinch,...

  • Data Privacy vs. Data Security: What’s the Difference?

    Understandably, the terms data security and data privacy are frequently muddled together and sometimes used interchangeably. While they are naturally connected, they are also unique and separate concepts.  by Richard Verkaik To help ensure the data your customers and employees entrust to your organisation is...

  • Municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch unlocks data in a secure and pragmatic manner with new Managed File Transfer solution

    Data plays an increasingly important role in our society. This requires a variety of measures to deal with this, to process and store data, and to protect it. Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a solution for the secure transfer of sensitive and large files, as well as the exchange of incoming and outgoing...

  • Meeting GDPR Requirements with GoAnywhere MFT

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation approved by the European Parliament. It applies to all organisations that handle and process EU citizens’ data,

  • Migration of XFB Gateway for PeSIT transfers

    This month, we talk about another customer case where an existing and expensive solution was successfully replaced with GoAnywhere MFT. Read about the business drivers, the challenges and learn more about the migration to success in this article. by Eloïse Gruber Customer industry: Banking & Finance  What were...

  • How Data Breaches can be prevented with Secure Mail

    Data breaches are one of the worst nightmares of every IT security professional. Regardless of the level of IT security applied by the company, your employees’ actions during digital communication remain the weakest link in data security. Many reports state that more than 60% of all data...

  • Data security with a holistic approach

    With a continuous news stream about security incidents and new regulations for privacy protection, it’s more important than ever for organisations to think seriously about data privacy and data security together.   By: Ekron Dries If we look at IT security, most organisations have a strong focus on perimeter defence: building walls to block...

  • TBX Event 2021 and E-Crime & Cybersecurity Nordics 2021

    Conferences and Trade Shows. They were never really gone, but that time of the year is back again and so is BlueFinch. Two important gatherings were attended in late October and early November, TBX event and E-crime & Cybersecurity Nordics.  TBX Event 2021  Finally, after more than a year of pandemic isolation, we were able to speak to people in...

  • 7 Scenarios in Which to Use Encryption Software

    Not sure what encryption software is used for – or maybe just when to use each type? Discover common file transfer scenarios and which data encryption protocol best fits your needs. By Ekron Dries What is Data Encryption Software? Data encryption software, also called file encryption...

  • Data Classification: One Piece of the Puzzle

    Implementing a Data Classification solution into your environment will do wonders for your cyber security stance. While Data Classification is the logical start of creating a security policy, it is just one piece of the puzzle. By simply marking information and giving it that all important identity, you’re on the right track, but what...

  • Using Clearswift Secure Email Gateway to Enhance Data Security in Microsoft Office 365

    In this article, we look at the common areas of concern we hear from customers using the Office 365 Enterprise E5 and Microsoft E5 platforms and look at how the ClearSwift Secure Email Gateway (SEG) can be used to provide enhanced Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP) protection and...

  • How Titus assists you with GDPR compliance

    Titus enhances the effectiveness of your personal data protection and privacy program by identifying what data you have, how sensitive it is, and how it should be handled by your security stack. By Nikolina Kendes Industry and analyst research have indicated that identifying and classifying...

  • Free VIP tickets for TBX Event!

    November 3rd and 4th, Utrecht, Jaarbeurs  We’re happy to announce that BlueFinch takes part in TBX Event (Tech, Business, Accelerate), the long-awaited successor to the IT exhibition, Data & Cloud Expo.  Rooted in the belief that with the right IT solutions your business challenges can be resolved and the digital transformation in...

  • Essential cyber security books for your fall reading list!

    We spend the majority of our time on the internet reading short snippets of information about cyber security which makes it difficult to really understand the holistic view. Reading books, however, is an excellent way to get some additional and unique insight into the industry....

  • File Transfers from/to AWS S3 Buckets

    Today’s businesses operate in a truly cloud-centric world and storing data in the cloud is a task that most modern IT teams need to handle.  At BlueFinch, we help hundreds of customers automate and secure their file transfers. In the process, we learn a lot...

  • What are the current cyber threat trends in 2021?

    Many current cyber threat trends hinge on change and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it’s a panicked email recipient falling for a phishing scheme, innovations in ransomware, or simply remote workforces offering larger surfaces to attack, the goal of each is to find...

  • Enhancing Microsoft MIP in an era of enhanced regulatory obligation

    The data protection landscape and its associated compliance environment changed fundamentally with the implementation of the European-wide GDPR in May 2018, with many other privacy regulations following suit around the globe. It is no longer about what organisations think they need to be doing in order to control their data,...

  • What sets GoAnywhere MFT apart

    GoAnywhere MFT has a whole suite of features that were designed to be flexible and to meet customer’s needs. There is a lot of functionality packed into it and for good reason. Organisations have a wide range of needs and a wide variety of compliance...

  • Which one is better, AS2 or AS4?

    Although they share similarities, there are some key differences between these two protocols, let’s find out which one is better, AS2 or AS4! by Ekron Dries What is AS2? AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) is a protocol specification that’s used to transmit sensitive data securely and...

  • How to prevent Data Exfiltration

    Today, data is a valuable commodity. It has value to the organisations who own it and to those looking to exploit it through illegal activity. Data can be sensitive information about customers and employees, financial or strategic information, product designs or intellectual property, or any...

  • AS2, AS3, AS4 : What are the differences between these protocols?

    If you think these three protocols are simply sequential updates from the 1990s’ AS1 protocol you’d be mistaken. Each protocol brings its own distinct features to the data transmission table. Here’s a few key differences between them.  By Nikolina Kendeš The specifications of AS2 AS2...

  • Searching for security online? Here we are!

    BBES Group proudly announces that its website is online. Born in October 2020, the international group specialized in data security now boasts a new, rich website: The site aims to represent all the services and the solutions currently available in data security, ranging from data classification to managed file transfer, from automation to data loss prevention.  Global...

  • Introducing Cyberwatch

    A simple and complete platform to improve your IT defence. While the majority of companies face the demands of a hyperconnected society, cyberattacks are evolving exponentially. According to an Opinion Matters/VMware study, “76% of all companies fear the occurrence of a major cyber incident in...

  • Why is organising data so difficult for most companies?

    When your network starts to contain a lot of duplicated, outdated, or negligible data, it does suffer the productivity and the organisation of records. The good news is that you can remedy this situation with the right tools. by Ron Diebels How does this impact...

  • MFT Agents for remote file transfer automation

    A few years ago, HelpSystems added Agent capabilities to their GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer solution. This extra functionality greatly enhanced an already extensive suite of security and automation features by including encryption at rest and in transit, batch and ad-hoc file transfer, peer-to-peer file collaboration,...

  • Remote Working One Year On: What the Future Holds for Cybersecurity

    We are approaching a time when people will start returning to the workplace. Yet with many organizations now embracing a “remote-first” model, where employees will work at home either all or some of the time, what will this mean for cybersecurity? by Daan Jacobs Battling...

  • Top Data Security Challenges (and how to address them)

    Organisations face a constant need to be on the alert and protective of sensitive data. Rather than cobble together a piecemeal solution strategy, relying on a trusted solutions provider that offers a suite of integrated, scalable data security solutions can provide relief. Knowing what data needs to...

  • MFT vs Message Bus integrations

    API’s have emerged as a modern way of making digital systems “talk” to each other without the need for complex and expensive translation and transformation software. When linked via an API, two (or more) systems or applications can send and receive data using standard formats...

  • Audit and data classification: why is it essential in business?

    While data protection has become a priority, auditing and classification are now essential practices for companies. Find out everything you need to know about this new approach to cybersecurity… by Daan Jacobs Over the years, cyberattacks aimed at stealing personal data from businesses have continued...

  • How you can enhance Data Loss Prevention in Microsoft 365

    Protecting customer data from loss and leakage has become a top priority for enterprises over the past decade. Recent HelpSystems research with CISOs in global financial service organisations found that almost one-third believe data breaches have the potential to cause the most damage over the...

  • Webinar: How to centralise and secure file transfers organisation-wide

    If rounding up the many methods used to transfer files at your organisation feels a bit like herding cats, block off time on your calendar for this important webinar. When transferring sensitive data, “doing your own thing” can have unpleasant consequences. There is an easy...

  • Is your Enterprise File Sharing Solution Enough?

    Enterprise file sharing solutions are already a great way to encrypt sensitive data in motion, but encryption alone is not enough. Can you ensure that sensitive information is not accidentally transmitted? Are you able to audit who is sending what? And last, but not least, are...

  • GoAnywhere awarded best Managed File Transfer product

    For the second year in a row, our MFT solution GoAnywhere has been awarded as best Managed File Transfer product in the market. This research conducted by SoftwareReviews, is based on the feedback of actual users of the application and emphasizes on user experience and vendor support. by Ron Diebels The report exists of 849 reviews, evaluating all relevant software vendors in the Managed File...

  • Protocols: SFTP vs FTPS

    How do you transfer sensitive files? Business requirements and security standards have increased in recent years across industries and continents, but many organizations have struggled to keep up. Manual scripts, legacy tools, and single-use software are still utilized by IT and security teams despite their...

  • Blog: Using PGP Encryption To Protect Your Data

    In my career as IT Architect, I have often designed solutions to set up a communication channel with partner companies to exchange confidential information. Only providing a secure transport path does not seem to cut it. by Leo Bink In a previous blog entry, written by Jan Schoonderbeek,...

  • BlueFinch 10 Year Anniversary

    Although the deed of incorporation was officially signed on May 20, the official start date of BlueFinch was May 1st, 2011. Actually May 2nd, as this was the Monday that we all gathered at our fresh new office in Aalsmeer, very close to Schiphol Airport....

  • Blog: Managed File Transfer – An overlooked solution

    Over the last thirteen years I have earned my crust as an “IT architect”. In this job I assist organisations in the planning and implementation of changes in the IT landscape. While most people believe the difficulty lies in designing and communicating the needed changes, a pernicious problem occurs in the stages prior

  • How Data Classification Helps Organisations Maintain a Strong Data Security Posture

    The rise of globally dispersed workforces and new work from home requirements are placing extraordinary pressure on every organisation’s cybersecurity. And wherever there is upheaval, cyber criminals thrive.

  • What are the different types of transfer protocols available?

    Before implementing a secure file transfer solution, it is good to know the basics of protocols that are involved in the secure transmission of data. by Eloïse Gruber FTP The FTP file transfer protocol is a popular transfer method that has been around for decades....

  • BlueFinch, BlackBridge, ESBD and Systematik establish BBES Group

    The Hague, January 4, 2021 – Data security companies BlueFinch, BlackBridge, ESBD and Systematik joined in the creation of the European company BBES Group. by Ron Diebels It is great news to learn of the combination of these 4 companies specialized in the integration of...

  • BlueFinch is now ISO 27001 certified!

    We are very proud to announce that we are now ISO 27001 certified, making BlueFinch meet the highest recognised security standard.

  • BBES Group: birth of a European data protection giant

    Since last June, Europe has had a new data protection giant: the BBES Group, an alliance between ESBD (France), Blackbridge (Italy), BlueFinch (Netherlands) and Systematik (Germany). With greater strike force, it will enable the four companies to offer better service to their customers at a...

  • BlueFinch zoekt een Data Exchange Specialist / Product Owner (M/V)

    In verband met de groei van ons bedrijf zijn wij op zoek naar een Data Exchange Specialist / Product Owner die het team van BlueFinch komt versterken.

  • Veilig versturen van bestanden met Managed File Transfer

    Iedere organisatie heeft te maken met een buitenwereld - Een periferie van zakelijke partners, filialen, klanten en medewerkers. Bedrijven versturen en ontvangen dagelijks grote hoeveelheden bestanden, variërend van betalingstransacties tot patiëntendossiers.

  • Protect your file transfers with Antivirus and DLP integrationDLP, Managed File Transfer, Data Loss Prevention, Clearswift, HelpSystems, BlueFinch

    In order to stop viruses, malware and malicious content from penetrating your organisation, GoAnywhere MFT can be integrated with antivirus solutions by making use of the standard ICAP protocol.

  • BlueFinch becomes network-partner of HSD

    Recently BlueFinch has officially partnered with The Hague Security Delta (HSD). HSD is the leading security cluster in Europe with important regional hubs in The Hague, Twente, and Brabant. In a combined effort with all other partners BlueFinch wants to stimulate innovation in security and economic development.

  • New GoAnywhere Release Automates and Secures File Transfers in Cloud and Private Networks

    The release of GoAnywhere managed file transfer (MFT) solution version 5.5 allows organizations to deploy MFT agents across the enterprise to automate, secure and audit all of their file transfers from a single, centralized location. This new innovation adds to an already extensive suite of security and automation features including encryption at rest and in transit, batch and ad-hoc file transfer, peer-to-peer file collaboration, and more.

  • Webinar Adaptive Redaction

    Webinar: Introducing Adaptive Redaction. Protecting critical information without harming productivity or communication flow.

  • No business is an island!

    Want we hebben allemaal te maken met een buitenwereld. Een periferie van partners, leveranciers, filialen en klanten. Het delen van informatie, in welke vorm dan ook, is van alle tijden. En dat geldt in toenemende mate ook voor de risico’s ervan.

  • What is AS2?

    Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) is a popular file transfer protocol that allows businesses to exchange data with their trading partners.AS2 combines the use of several secure and widely used technologies including HTTPS, SSL Certificates, S/MIME, and file hashing. By utilizing the strengths of each of them,

  • 5 Signs your organisation is ready for MFT

    Low-cost file transfer tools allow mid-market businesses to make simple data exchanges both internally and externally.  As your company grows, however, trading partners demand enterprise-level systems to improve reliability and data security.

  • GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer 5.0 Released with Unified Interface and Advanced Reporting

    Linoma Software unveils GoAnywhere MFT™ (Managed File Transfer), version 5.0 of its GoAnywhere secure file transfer software. The upgrade combines the workflow automation capabilities of Linoma’s popular GoAnywhere Director solution with secure file transfer protocol (FTP) features from GoAnywhere Services into a single product.

  • Report “Select and Implement a Managed File Transfer Solution”

    nfo-Tech Research Group, an IT research and analysis company, has released a report naming Linoma Software’s GoAnywhere managed file transfer (MFT) solution as having the highest Value Score of the MFT vendor group in Server-to-Server and Ad Hoc Enterprise use cases.

  • Customer review; ICE Services

    ICE Services AB is a world-class supplier of business process outsourcing services for Rights Management companies. Based in Bromma Sweden, ICE Services AB took advantage of the GoAnywhere API for file upload and download integration with their music-documentation database, which is used to maintain and house ownership information for all musical works used throughout Europe.

  • SFTP vs FTPS Best solution for Secure FTP

    With large data breaches taking center stage in the media, many businesses have begun paying close attention to internal practices and taking action to improve internal systems and processes. As a result, an increasing number of businesses (people) who rely on data transfers are looking to move away from standard FTP in favor of a more secure method.

  • 4 Benefits of On-Premises Enterprise File sync and sharing

    Too many organizations have underestimated the value of mission-critical business documents.  Some employees may take great risks with sensitive or proprietary information and hope that nothing bad happens.

  • GoAnywhere Services v4.0 Launched

    Linoma Software is pleased to announce GoAnywhere™ Services version 4.0 with an overhauled interface and a new GoDrive file system for person-to-person file sharing and synchronization.

  • Why you want a centralised MFT solution…

    I regularly visit organisations that are in a state of complete disarray due to an explosion of new file-transfer and software interfaces. This can simply be because the IT Department has attempted to quickly respond to multiple requests and to demands from the business.

  • Download free Open PGP software

    GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio™ is a free desktop tool that makes it easy to protect sensitive files using the popular Open PGP encryption standard.

  • BlueFinch introduces SystemScan AIX

    Aalsmeer , November 27, 2013 - BlueFinch, ICT specialist in the field of complex ICT infrastructures that are based on IBM technology, introduces a comprehensive system tool for AIX configuration, diagnostic and reporting. SystemScan AIX enables organizations to carry out a thorough inspection of the installation and configuration of their AIX environment.

  • Veilig en efficiënt bestanden uitwisselen

    Linoma Software is ontwikkelaar van managed file transfer- en encryptie-oplossingen. Deze oplossingen worden op de eerste plaats gebruikt om gevoelige data te beschermen, maar tevens om te voldoen aan data security-reguleringen zoals PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, SOX en GLBA.

  • Safestone biedt Compliance Center for Linux

    Safestone Technologies, wereldleider op het gebied van compliance- en beveiligingssoftware voor IBM Power Systems, introduceert Compliance Center voor Linux.

  • BlueFinch official IBM Certified Business Partner

    BlueFinch, ICT specialist in the area of Finance and Banking, has been appointed by IBM as IBM Business Partner.

  • BlueFinch becomes reseller of Linoma Software

    BlueFinch has entered into a co-operation with the American ICT supplier Linoma Software. This partnership enables BlueFinch to resell and to use the products of Linoma in the projects of its clients.

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