Cyberwatch release

Major release of Cyberwatch: discover the features of v12.0 

Cyberwatch 12.0 is the new version of the vulnerability management and compliance monitoring platform, and has been released end of September 2022.  

This article introduces you to the main features of this major Cyberwatch update. 

By Maxime Alay-Eddine 

Introduction of a new simpler, clearer, more practical interface 

The interface has been completely redesigned to bring together all of the features in a single menu. With Cyberwatch version 12.0 you no longer need to switch modules to browse for asset discovery results, or view your vulnerabilities and compliance rules. 

An improved presentation of the discovery scans 

The discovery scans menu has been completely redesigned to be more user-friendly, with clear headings, and dynamic suggestions to offer you relevant scans based on your existing data. 

Single page presentation of all your results 

The Inventory view has been adapted to gather all the information you need. You will find the results of vulnerability and compliance scans on a single page. 

Simplified and unified view when tracking the evolution of vulnerabilities and compliance gaps for each of your assets 

Cyberwatch version 12.0 offers you a new view for each of your assets, with the ability to follow the evolution of the results of each of them. This view displays more information, with a better structure, and allows you to see all the results with less clicks. 

Introduction of a new system for customising the tabs to be displayed 

Choose the tabs you want to display and determine the order. Do you mainly work on the compliance of your assets? Easily hide tabs related to vulnerability scans. Prefer to see both vulnerability and compliance scan results? Activate all of these tabs. 

Set all your parameters from a single menu 

All customisation information has been collected in a single menu, with descriptions to help you choose the settings that best suit your needs. 

New integrations with Google BigQuery and Microsoft PowerBI 

Configure Cyberwatch to send its results automatically to a Google BigQuery data repository, and then plot relevant graphs tailored to your needs in Microsoft PowerBI. 

Launch updates to our platform directly from the GUI 

Cyberwatch version 12.0 lays the first bricks of this highly requested feature, scheduled for the end of the year: updating and restarting your instances from our interface. This feature is still under development, and will allow you to easily maintain your entire Cyberwatch infrastructure, without system administration action. 

A simple migration 

The 12.0 update has been designed to install as easily as ever. You can launch it independently with the usual procedures accessible on this link, or with the help of our support team. 

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