Introducing Cyberwatch

Introducing Cyberwatch

A simple and complete platform to improve your IT defence. While the majority of companies face the demands of a hyperconnected society, cyberattacks are evolving exponentially. According to an Opinion Matters/VMware study, “76% of all companies fear the occurrence of a major cyber incident in 2021”. To meet this major challenge of securing information systems, BlueFinch is investigating how to integrate the Cyberwatch solution into its portfolio of cybersecurity products.

by Nikolina Kendeš

Cyberwatch provides you with a global response, from mapping your assets to applying corrections and continuously detecting vulnerabilities. Its Compliance Manager module will allow you to generate compliance reports (identification of password lengths, etc.) with your information system security policy.

Who is Cyberwatch?

Cyberwatch is a French company with a 100% cybersecurity solution designed and developed in France. Cyberwatch is an on-premise solution that continuously monitor vulnerabilities in machines, systems and applications and ensure the compliance of IT systems. Installed on your infrastructure, Cyberwatch preserves the confidentiality of your data by not transmitting any information to the outside world.

Cyberwatch is designed to integrate as well as possible into your IS, both at the technical and managerial level.

Monitor vulnerabilities and monitor compliance

The Cyberwatch solution consists of two modules: Vulnerability Manager and Compliance Manager.

  • Vulnerability Manager provides a comprehensive and continuous view of your vulnerabilities, with detection, identification, and remediation. The solution scans different assets, such as workstations, servers, network equipment and websites. The Cyberwatch knowledge base is updated every hour thanks to reliable data sources which are listing several thousand flaws and vulnerabilities.
Cyberwatch Vulnerability Manager
  • Compliance Manager allows users to test the compliance of assets with the company’s security policies. It works on the same principle as the knowledge base of CVEs (public vulnerabilities), with an encyclopaedia of about 6,500 rules that is updated every month, constituting a repository. It is also possible to create your own repository of rules and best practices to be respected.
Cyberwatch Compliance Manager

Cyberwatch manages the process of detecting vulnerabilities until they are resolved end-to-end, while providing decision support to prioritize vulnerabilities to address.

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