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Everything you need to know about protecting your business critical data with antivirus and DLP integration via ICAP protocol.

Antivirus and Malware Prevention in GoAnywhere MFT

In order to stop viruses, malware and malicious content from penetrating your organisation, GoAnywhere MFT can be integrated with antivirus solutions by making use of the standard ICAP protocol.

When you decide to upload a new file to GoAnwhere MFT, the contents of the file can be scanned for viruses by antivirus software. In case malicious content is detected, GoAnywhere MFT can put it in quarantine or remove the whole file, and once that’s done send an email notification to your administrator.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in GoAnywhere MFT

Also, GoAnywhere MFT is able to send files for content scanning purposes to a DLP solution over the ICAP protocol. The DLP solution will look for sensitive information, as in credit card numbers, personal or healthcare information. GoAnywhere will receive instructions from the DLP solution about whether it’s allowed to carry out this file transfer or not.

For example, GoAnywhere MFT can scan a file for sensitive information before it’s sent to a business partner through Secure Mail or SFTP. If the file contents get the green light, the transfer will continue as usual. If the file contents are found to be sensitive and are as a result blocked by the DLP solution, GoAnywhere MFT can notify your administrator and refuse this file transfer.

BlueFinch is your knowledge partner when it comes to Managed File Transfer (MFT).  As a certified MFT specialist we have over eight years of experience in successfully designing, migrating and implementing MFT, as well as providing extensive training. We’ve done this for more than 100 mid-market enterprises and big corporates in the Benelux and Scandinavian region.

If you would like to learn more about how a MFT solution can be integrated with DLP and virusscanning, please contact us via email at or call +31 (0)88 258-3346.