GoAnywhere 7 Is Here 

The long anticipated version 7 of the award-winning GoAnywhere MFT was released last week, bringing new features and many improvements, that will certainly appeal many of our customers. 

For those who can’t wait, the 7.0 BETA is already available for download and can be installed by existing users on their test environments. The final release is expected to be released later this summer. 

Some of the key features added to GoAnywhere 7, include: 

  • ICAP updates – Global antivirus protection is now available through the Secure ICAP Gateway. Functionality for licenses updates 
  • GoFast is now powered by FileCatalyst – This is phase 1 of the planned integration between FileCatalyst and GoAnywhere, with more phases in the pipeline 
  • EDI Enhancements – Enhanced partner management to define X12 and EDIFACT documents and setup up EDI 
  • Java 11 support 
  • Modernized UI and branding/logo. 
  • And more! 

We welcome you to take advantage of these powerful updates today. Because 7 is in beta, we advise that you implement it in your development environment and wait for the final release that will be production ready. 

Meanwhile, version 6.8.7 of GoAnywhere addresses remediation’s for both Log4J and Spring4Shell vulnerabilities.  

To upgrade your GoAnywhere installation to one of these versions, perform a web update with the GoAnywhere administrator by going to Help > Check for Updates. 

Do you want to learn more and get an in-depth look at GoAnywhere 7? Watch the webinar or talk to one of our sales