Customized online forms secured with GoAnywhere MFT 

Filling out a form is an act of trust. When you ask people to fill out a form to collect the information you need to operate your business, individuals are trusting you to keep the data you collect safe and secure. Whether it is patients submitting their private health history, customers completing online orders, insureds submitting claims or countless other scenarios, people want their information locked down from prying eyes. 

What’s the Best Way to Secure Your Forms? 

Ensuring any forms you use to collect information are sent over a secure HTTPS connection is a great start. Even better is using Secure Forms, a licensed module used with GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer to both simplify and secure forms of all types 

Not only can you trust that your forms are secure, but you also get a multitude of other benefits, such as customization, the ability to send forms through public or private URLs, automatic encryption of files attached to forms, and integration with workflows to move collected information down the business pipeline. 

Why Should You Use Secure Forms? 

When you use a tool such as Secure Forms, rather than less secure options, to send forms you not only gain security you can gain efficiency as well. 

With  GoAnywhere  Secure Forms, you can: 

  • Provide custom forms to authenticate users or make them publicly available 
  • Allow your end-users the option to upload any necessary files 
  • Drag and drop attachments directly into a form for upload or download. These attachments are automatically secured with AES-256 bit encryption. 
  • Customize your media type 
  • Easily incorporate Data Loss Protection (DLP) and Threat Protection 
  • Embed your form into a web page 
  • Automatically process data collected using Advanced Workflows to pass the data along to other business platforms, such as Salesforce or other support applications 
  • Send emails notifications upon successful submission 
  • Automatically enter information submitted via a Secure Form to a database table

How Does the Secure Forms Module Work Exactly? 

Create and customize: First, you’d create a secure form with all the custom fields you need. Then, your recipient accesses the form via a public or private URL which you would provide, to ensure you have control over who eventually can view the form. 

Complete and encrypt: Once your recipient completes the form, they can drag and drop any attachments or files into the form, knowing that information will automatically be encrypted with AES-256 bit encryption for safekeeping. 

Submit and process: Once the form is submitted a project is triggered to process the form to the next step that you’ve determined, eliminating the need for manual handling.

Can You Customize Secure Forms? 

Definitely. Secure Forms allows for the ultimate combination of flexibility and security. You can change the input fields, custom labels, and file upload components to control the data your users provide and more. Secure Forms gives you the ability to: 

  • Configure input fields through the form designer and control the text, options, and dropdown fields presented to users with default values, tooltips, and placeholders. 
  • Accept multiple file types and formats 
  • Use SOAP and RESTful Web Service APIs to submit forms from other applications as well as from a URL 
  • Configure submitted forms to return a personalized message and give the user downloadable files (for example, a PDF with follow-up instructions) 
  • Route users to additional forms once they submit their first form 
  • Decide if you want notification whenever a form is submitted 
  • Choose which file types sizes and number of files users are permitted to upload 
  • Get notified by email or SMS whenever a form is submitted. 
  • You can convert the data submitted with a form. 
  • Save forms as drafts for users to complete at a later time 

If you want to know even more about secure forms and how they can be implemented within your organisation and tailored for your needs contact our sales team at