Controlling, securing, and managing user access to sensitive data 

Majority of companies shares, analyses, collects and archives a multitude of information. Today, for the most part, in a dematerialized way. This digital data is valuable because it makes possible to carry out the smooth running of the internal and external organisational aspects of the company and its various departments. It is proven, time and again, that the data constitutes a significant part of the company’s capital. 

As a result, it is easier to understand why the topic of digital data security is so important or even strategic for companies. Inseparable from confidentiality issues, each business department has sensitive data collected and/or archived. This is why data traceability program is needed. To top it off, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets a regulatory framework as well as best practices, to be implemented within the company policy on handling personal data. 

To undergo the challenge of controlling and securing sensitive data, BlueFinch is investigating how to integrate the Netwrix solutions into its portfolio of data security products.

The principle of governance and audits 

When we talk about data governance, we insist on the notions of responsibility and data management. 

Data auditing makes it possible to identify, classify, manage and control data through clearly defined and shared decision-making processes within an organization. 

Data governance highlights the need for close cooperation between CIOs and business lines. By making everyone more responsible, it creates a climate of trust between each department of a company. The central goal in identity management is that users receive exactly the access rights and permissions that are necessary for them and that have been approved. This also includes the revocation or removal of these access rights when they are no longer necessary or appropriate (e.g. changes in personnel or departments). 

Data centralization makes it easier to automate and control user identity and access management, such as the automatic creation, modification, or deletion of user accounts and access rights on the systems. At the same time, described controls and automations are assisting in process of accomplishing compliance with various different legal regulations (Sarbanes Oxley Act, Basel 1, GDPR …) and corporate policies.

The Netwrix audit and control solution 

Netwrix Auditor allows you to manage and monitor access across all your Microsoft Windows systems and components. It is also divided into 3 major advantages for companies:

  • Detection of data security threats 
  • Successful compliance audit and the exploitation of reports 
  • Increasing  productivity of security teams 

Detection of data security threats 

Netwrix is able to quickly identify security threats and incidents. When the solution detects an anomaly, such as unauthorized modification or forced access, Netwrix sends an alert directly to the security team. From this alert, Netwrix finds out who had access to the unstructured or overexposed data for the IT team to lock in. In addition, it makes it possible to identify unnecessary permissions, control the access and secure sensitive data.

The successful compliance audit and the exploitation of reports 

Netwrix Auditor enables compliance checks with your corporate policies and external regulations. It provides timely answers to auditors’ questions, including what changes have been made to the Group of Directors in the past year and who has made those changes. The Netwrix solution is the single point of access to audit trails  that are stored securely in order to keep the history of facts. 

Increasing the productivity of security teams

Netwrix keeps an eye on what is changing within your environment by keeping detailed information about system changes. In the event that a change is made to the system, thanks to Active Directory function, the IT team can quickly go back and restore the settings to the previous state. Alerts allow dedicated teams to focus on the important things to deal with, and save time.  

Finally, Netwrix provides a rich library of customizable and time-bound audit and compliance reports as standard. This comprehensive solution allows you to maintain total control of the security of your infrastructure while optimizing your organization and change monitoring. 

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