BlueFinch member of BBES Group

BlueFinch, BlackBridge, ESBD and Systematik establish BBES Group

The Hague, January 4, 2021 – Data security companies BlueFinch, BlackBridge, ESBD and Systematik joined in the creation of the European company BBES Group.

by Ron Diebels

It is great news to learn of the combination of these 4 companies specialized in the integration of solutions related to data security.

BBES Group, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, will enrich an international presence as well as multilingual support.

With more than 500 customers in more than 15 countries and all the staff of the four founding companies, BBES Group will be able to enable each of its members to increase their level of competence and capabilities, to bring an ever more satisfactory quality of service to its customers.

“We’ve been in regular contact for a while, and the idea of creating a new structure together came to light in December,” says Richard Verkraik, CEO of BlueFinch and BBES Group. The aim is to create a major player in Europe, with 500 clients in 16 countries. Thanks to our new strike force, we will be able to improve in terms of purchases, sales, marketing, but also technical support. »

The success of these companies has been based for several years on their ability to integrate new, modern, competitive and ever more secure technologies, in accordance with current regulations and technological needs of companies.

With a variety of solid experiences across Europe, this new combination of values and know-how will enable customers to better support solutions tailored to their needs while maintaining a relationship of trust.

“Customers will benefit from our expanded scope because, as integrators, we will have more clout compared to solution vendors,” said Jacques Besnard, CEO of ESBD. Given the number of customers we serve, sellers will have a best interest in paying more attention to our queries. In addition, in terms of price, we will also be able, for the same reason, to obtain rates that are more competitive for our customers than if they had to ask the seller for their product online. »

You can now discover the BBES Group website which will evolve to provide you with as much information as necessary and the different teams of BBES Group are listening to you to provide the answers to your questions both operational and technical.

You can also find the interview of the 4 founders of BBES Group.

About BlueFinch: BlueFinch specializes in the distribution of data protection and compliance solutions for companies in BeNeLux and the Scandinavian region. BlueFinch helps organisations manage and secure critical information against loss, theft and non-compliance.

About BlackBridge: BlackBridge, an Italian company based in Milan, provides expertise to secure file transfer systems and automate processes. The company guides companies to strengthen their protection against cyber-attacks by offering innovative solutions that improve security and compliance.

About ESBD: ESBD provides data security solutions and services including file transfer management, data encryption, data access control, auditing, etc. With its teams of experts in France, ESBD helps companies identify and implement the right solutions to meet their needs.

About Systematik: Systematik GmbH has been specializing in file transfer management and automation solutions since its inception in the 1980s. The experience gained in these areas has enabled them to successfully carry out numerous MFT (Managed File Transfer) projects in a diverse and well-known clientele.