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BlueFinch offers confident data protection solutions for corporate and multinational organisations across diverse industries. We manage and secure critical information against loss, theft and non-compliance.

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Secure file transfer

Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a reliable and secure way to exchanges files between your organisation and external business partners, branches or customers. Managed File Transfer meets high operational demands and is a safe, auditable solution for transferring information within and outside of your enterprise.

Prevent data loss

Data Loss Prevention technology is a proactive approach to reduce the risk of sensitive data leaking from – or entering into your company. Discover, monitor and protect your sensitive information as it is shared via email, the internet or cloud without interrupting everyday business productivity.


Data Classification software provides a cost-effective solution to organise company data and files using relevant categories and assign the appropriate level of security to all company information. Take control of sensitive company information while creating employee awareness and diminishing the risk of a data breach.

What we offer

Everything you need to protect your data

Since 2011, BlueFinch has advised many companies with data protection consultancy, services, training and support. Our knowledgeable team knows how to protect businesses through implemented solutions that safeguard critical company information and uphold applicable compliance regulations.


Managed Services

Training & Support

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Finding solutions together

Whether you are seeking to achieve a higher level of security or consolidate and simplify IT processes. Our trusted advisors will help build bridges between stakeholders and different parts of the organisation, helping our clients achieving their business goals and solve technical IT challenges.


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Insightful tools

BlueFinch works with exclusively trusted technology partners including:

Bolden James Data Classification

GoAnywhere MFT

Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services

ClearSwift Data Loss Prevention

Monitoring & Analytical tools

BlueFinch is proud to partner with leading technology suppliers and international clients.

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“With help from BlueFinch, we have managed to find the right solutions for our needs without overdoing it. Their knowledge allowed us to keep it simple.”


Manager Software Development

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“BlueFinch is a capable ICT partner in this regard. Communication lines are short and the specialists collaborate with us not only technically, but also organisationally. As a result, we were able to achieve our goal in no time: a modern solution for Managed File Transfer that allows us to access data safely.”


Change Management Advisor

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“Being a professional, reliable and flexible partner, BlueFinch helps us with the transfer and protection of our critical data within a complex IT environment.”


DevOps Team Manager

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“With the help of BlueFinch, Translink is able to reliably manage all of our file exchanges between suppliers and customers.”


IT Operations Manager

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“BlueFinch is a highly valued GoAnywhere MFT Platinum Certified Partner. The Team includes Certified Technicians who have exceptional product knowledge and experience. BlueFinch are true thought leaders in a secure and managed file transfer market.”


Director of Global Channel Partner Programs

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“With the help of BlueFinch, Graydon was able to automate processes, increase productivity and reduce costs. Their help was instrumental in setting up GoAnywhere MFT, providing professional training and support to our operators. BlueFinch has shown to be a flexible and knowledgeable partner. This allowed Graydon to meet and exceed our business requirements.”


Data Engineer

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“From day one of our adventures with managed file transfers, BlueFinch has been a reliable and professional partner. Through their great level of support, we have repeatedly found new ways to achieve our goals.”


Chief Information Officer

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“From day one of our adventures with GoAnywhere MFT, BlueFinch has been a reliable and professional partner. Through their great level of support, we have repeatedly found new ways to achieve our goals.”


IT Architect

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“Dealing with Health Insurances means dealing with sensitive data. BlueFinch has supported us in implementing solutions that connect the dots in a secure and manageable way.”


IT Architect

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“Ferli developed a great partnership with BlueFinch for the delivery of Managed File Transfer technology in the Icelandic market. Their professional approach and support make it possible for us to help organisations in Iceland to securely and efficiently transfer their data.”



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